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Płaskorzeżba - Muzeum Krakowa
Elżbieta Kusina
24 July 2021

Opened on 23 July 2021, after several years of renovation, the Krzysztofory Palace (35 Rynek), the main seat of the Krakow Museum, shows its new,…

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Współistnienie - wystawa w Muzeum Podgórza w Krakowie
Elżbieta Kusina
1 July 2021

A new exhibition at MK, a branch of the Podgórze Museum, open 01/07/2021 - 22/04/2022. The curator of the exhibition, Mateusz Zdeb, says: "To tell…

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Ołtarz Wita Stwosza w Krakowie
Elżbieta Kusina
15 February 2021

The 15th century Altarpiece at St. Mary’s Basilica in Krakow, Poland is now back after 5-year conservation. An international team of restorers managed to bring…

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