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Kazimierz, founded in 1335, is the beloved city of King Casimir the Great, who gave it his name and endowed it with numerous privileges and rights. Medieval Kazimierz was an island entwined with the waters of the Vistula river. It was connected with Krakow with a bridge and the Krakow Gate.

In the 15th century, the Jews from Krakow moved to Kazimierz and established a Jewish District surrounded by a wall. Its traces can be found here even today:
in synagogues, squares, houses of prayers and tenement houses. Currently, Kazimierz is a fashionable district full of life with numerous cafes and restaurants. You can still hear Klemzer’s music here. This is where the famous Jewish Culture Festival takes place.

Jewish District Kazimierz

The heart of Jewish Kazimierz is Szeroka Street, where we can find some great monuments from the circle of Jewish culture. The Remuh Synagogue and the Cemetery where the most famous rabbi, Moses Iserless Remuh, is buried, still respected for 500 years.

The Old Synagogue, today a museum, shows the traditions and secrets of everyday life of Jews. The monument and bench of Jan Karski reminds us of the tragic time of the World War II.
We have a mikveh nearby, other synagogues and restaurants where Jewish cuisine and music reign supreme.

Christian District Kazimierz

Plan Wolnica was once the market square of Kazimierz. A memory of that time is the building
of the town hall, which today houses the Ethnographic Museum and the Church of Corpus Christi, which is impressive in size.

Another huge Augustinian church can be found at Skaleczna St. The Skalka is the national pantheon and the place of worship of the patron saint of Poland, St. Stanislaus the bishop.

Video about the Kazimierz District

We invite you to watch our film about Kazimierz – now a district of Krakow and earlier (from the 14th century) an independent city, where Christians and followers of Judaism lived together.

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