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Kleparz – the city founded by Casimir the Great, once known as Florence, lies just a few steps from the medieval fortification walls of Krakow.

Currently, a district of the city with remarkable monuments: the 12th-century church of St. Florian, the Academy of Fine Arts founded by the outstanding painter Jan Matejko, an extremely charming square named after him with a beautiful view of the medieval monuments of Krakow. Monumental monuments, a beloved by Cracovians fair – Stary Kleparz offers vegetables, fruits and delicious delicatessen all year round.


Kleparz – a city that amazes with its hidden history. It has never had city walls, its boundaries overlapped with neighbouring settlements, juridicities.

In the place where today Saint Florian’s collegiate church stands, horses carrying the saint’s relics to Poland got stuck. Several of Krakow’s saints were associated with the collegiate church. Here you will find the relics of St. Valentine, here Stanislaw Wyspianski married Teofila Pytkowna. Next to the Collegiate Church begins the Via Regia, leading to Wawel. The road is a witness of triumph and mourning, of great events in the history of the city and the country.

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