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Identyfikator przewodnika FSP Kraków

Guide selection

Nothing can replace a live guide! Don’t waste time reading travel guides on your own and searching for information about Krakow! Contact one of our guides belonging to the Federation of Tourist Guide Associations directly! He will advise you and help you organize your stay in the city and the surrounding area. Just call, send an e-mail, arrange all the details and come….

Krakow sightseeing with a guide! We invite you!

Guide license

All guides associated with the Federation of Tourist Guide Associations in Krakow are licensed. These are state qualifications obtained before the deregulation of the profession in 2014 or qualifications confirmed by passing an examination by the Federation Examination Commission.

Our guides are identified by the coat of arms of the City of Krakow on the badge and with a personal identifier behind the photo.

The badge and identification (numbered) are worn on a blue lanyard with the name of the Federation.

Identyfikator przewodnika FSP Kraków
Identyfikator przewodnika należącego do Federacji Stowarzyszeń Przewodnickich w Krakowie

Guide code

Professionalism, high quality of services provided, honesty in the performance of the profession, knowledge, constant education, personal culture, respect for clients and fellow guides – we are professional tourist guides in Krakow.

We have a Code of Good Practice and we strive to comply with it.

Training of guides

We are lifelong learners. We acquire knowledge and skills at school, on courses, etc. The ongoing changes, new discoveries, new needs make it necessary to continuously improve our level
of education and constantly expand our competences.

Investing in yourself, in continuous learning means activity and continuous development.
This is what we are! We are the guides!

Identyfikator przewodnika FSP Kraków
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