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The Old Town is a part of Krakow located within the preserved defensive walls and the Planty garden, founded in the place where there were previously fortifications.

The Old Town and the Royal Route are the most visited routes by tourists where the whole world meets. It is here that they can admire the most beautiful monuments
of Krakow – the Barbican, the Florian Gate – the medieval city fortifications preserved to this day, St. Mary’s Basilica, the Cloth Hall and the City Hall Tower.

The University District near the Market Square reminds of the royal foundation of the oldest university in Poland – the Jagiellonian University founded by King Casimir
the Great in 1364.

The Royal Route

The Royal Route is the former entry route of kings and envoys, running from the city gates to the royal seat at Wawel.

The entrance to the city led through the preserved defensive walls – the Barbican, the Forianska Gate. The route ran along Floriańska, Grodzka and Kanonicza streets through the market square and ended at the royal castle.

The Main Square

The Main Market Square has been a showpiece of Krakow for centuries. The square, with an area of almost 4 hectares, was laid out in 1257 at the cross of former trade routes.

The square was the most important public space in the city. It was a place of representation and trade. To this day, it is the heart of Krakow. We can find here the former trade stalls – the Cloth Hall, the seat of the authorities – the Town Hall Tower, the city parish – St. Mary’s Basilica (with the largest Gothic altar of Wit Stwosz), from the tower of which the bugle call is playing.

University District

The Main Market Square has been a showpiece of Krakow for centuries.

On the streets of St. Anna, Jagiellonska, Golebia, Olszewski, we find the buildings of the university. The oldest of them, Collegium Maius, houses the University Museum, whose traditions date back to 1364, when King Casimir the Great founded the Krakow Academy. Here we can also find traces of famous students and graduates, incl. Nicholas Copernicus, John Paul II, Hugo Kołłątaj.

The Freedom Oak grows in front of the Collegium Novum, and one of the memory board by the oak tells about the tragic fate of the professors during the World War II.


The city of Krakow, located again in 1257 after the Tatar invasion, was defended by the 13th century fortifications running around the city.

In the early nineteenth century, the walls were pulled down. The most valuable and the oldest fragments have been remained – the Barbican, Florian’s Gate, the Arsenal and 3 towers.
In the place where were walls and moats, the Planty garden was created, an area of 21 ha and
4 km in length. Trees, monuments, benches encourage walks, meetings and rest.

Video about the Old Town

We invite you to watch our film about the Old Town – the Main Square with St. Mary’s Basilica with the Altar of Wit Stwosz, the Church of St. Wojciech, the City Hall Tower and the Cloth Hall.

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