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- Guide license confirmed
- The coat of arms of Krakow on ID badges
- Guarantee of quality
- We work ethically
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Why Krakow?

- Icon of Poland
- UNESCO city
- City of Museums
- City of History
- City of Monuments
- City of Literature
- City of Greenery
- City of Festivals

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Elżbieta Kusina
22 May 2023

The Museum of Engineering and Technology in Krakow (ul. św. Wawrzyńca 15) invites you until May 28, 2023 to a temporary exhibition organized in the…

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Elżbieta Kusina
22 May 2023

We will get to know the almost unknown face of Zdzisław Beksiński - a sculptor - in the Royal Gardens at Wawel. All thanks to…

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Elżbieta Kusina
22 May 2023

Until October 22, 2023, the Wawel Royal Castle presents an exhibition of absolute masterpieces, a phenomenon in European art of the eighteenth century. A sculptural…

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