Wawel – every Pole associates this word with Polish kings, national heroes and the legendary dragon living in a cave under the hill. The Wawel Hill is a place with over
a thousand years of history. It is said that the heart of Poland beats here.

The castle – the former seat of the Polish kings and the Wawel Cathedral – the place of their coronation and resting attract millions of tourists. The Wawel Royal Castle
is now a permanent exhibition of paintings, tapestries (mainly the most famous arrases of King Sigismund Augustus), treasures, militaria, archaeological relics and oriental objects. There are also interesting temporary exhibitions.

The Wawel Hill

The limestone Wawel Hill (about 228 m above sea level) towering over Krakow and the Vistula valley was a place inhabited since the Paleolithic era.

Today it is a Mecca for tourists visiting the, Wawel Royal Castle, the Cathedral, museums. You can relax here, have a snack, and, looking at the vast panorama, plan to explore Krakow and its surroundings further.

The Royal Castle

The Wawel Royal Castle has several permanent and seasonal exhibitions. The permanent exhibitions include, among others painting, fabrics (the famous tapestries of King Sigismund Augustus), Turkish tents, military, ceramics, archaeological monuments and orientalia. Seasonal exhibitions include royal gardens, courtyards, Gereon’s Church, Dragon’s Cave.

The Cathedral

The Wawel Royal Cathedral of St. Stanislaus B.M. and St. Wenceslaus holds a special place in the history of the Polish State. It was the church of Polish kings and bishops. It is the sanctuary of the patron saint of Poland – St. Stanislaus the bishop. Here were celebrated the state ceremonies: coronations, weddings, baptisms and funerals. The cathedral is surrounded by 18 chapels, among which is a pearl of the Renaissance, covered with a gilded dome – the Sigismund Chapel.

For over 500 years, the famous Sigismund Bell has been ringing at important moments and fulfilling the dreams of those who touch its heart. The Cathedral Museum houses the most historically and artistically valuable treasures of royal and bishop foundations as well as mementoes related to the Holy Father.

Video about the Wawel Royal Castle and the Wawel Hill

We invite you to watch our movie about Wawel – a hill with the Royal Castle and the Cathedral Basilica.

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