• Elżbieta Kusina
  • 4 March 2023

Nicolaus Copernicus – 550th birthday anniversary

Until May 7, 2023, the National Museum in Krakow (ul. Pijarska 15, the Princes Czartoryski Library Room) will present the Copernican exhibition: autographs, letters, first editions of books, valuable astronomical works related to his person and the reception of the heliocentric theory, as well as publications indicating various areas of Copernicus’s activity testifying to the great cult that Polish society has surrounded him over the centuries. At the exhibition, we will see the most important work of Copernicus “De revolutionibus orbium coelestium” – the first edition was printed in Nuremberg in 1543, then in Basel in 1566 and in Amsterdam in 1617.

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