• Elżbieta Kusina
  • 6 August 2022

Music in Old Krakow

On August 15–31, 2022, the historic interiors of Krakow churches (St. Peter and Paul Church, St. Mary’s Basilica, Wawel Cathedral, cloisters of the Franciscan monastery, hall of Blessed Jakub, Tempel synagogue) will be filled with music thanks to the Capellae Cracoviensis Foundation. The artists will present works from the period from the Middle Ages to the present day. There will also be Gregorian chants, works by Bach, Mozart, Brahms and Penderecki. The program of the “Music in Old Krakow” festival is available https://www.facebook.com/FestiwalMuzykaWStarymKrakowie/photos/a.461004107326923/5271487839611835/

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