The Federation of Tourist Guide Associations was founded in Krakow on 13 February 2014 and it was registered in the National Court Register on 28 April 2014. The City Council of Krakow has given us the right to place the coat of arms of the Capital Royal City of Krakow on identification badges for Krakow city guides who are members of tourist guide associations belonging to the Federation.

The Federation is a member of the European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (FEG) and Krakow Chamber of Tourism.

The aim of the Federation is to represent the opinions and interests of guides in relation to other institutions, as well as supporting the activity and functioning of guides associations and tourist guides on both national and international level.

Professionalism, high quality of provided services, reliability, deep knowledge, good manners, respect for clients and fellow guides – those are the virtues of the professional Krakow tourist guides.


Elżbieta Kusina                  President
Marta Weigel                      I Vicepresident
Sławomir Śmiłek               II Vicepresident
Marta Reinfuss                   Cashier
Sławomir Nosek                Secretary
Marta Kostyk                      Member

Auditing Commision

Bożena Czemborowicz           President
Jadwiga Otrębska                      Secretary
Wojciech Huk                             Member


  • Komisja Certyfikacji (KC)

  • Komisja Egzaminacyjna (KE)

  • Komisja Etyki Zawodowej (KET)

  • Zespół Marketingu (ZM)

  • Zespół Monitorowania Jakości Usług Przewodnickich (ZJ)

  • Zespół Szkoleń (ZS)